Elisa Lam

For me, Elisa Lam is a ‘car crash you can’t help but look at’ kind of case. I’m not squeamish generally, but this one makes me feel yucky.

I thought this would be a good first post, as I know it reasonably well. It’s totally weird and messed up and a lot of people, like me, are a little obsessed with it, i.e. it’s pretty high up on my list of cases that if someone said ‘I’ll tell you what happened to (insert name here) if you run around your hometown nude and dance provocatively on a street lamp,’ I would probably say it.

So from my research, I found the main problems people have are how did Elisa get into the water tank on her own? If she had lifted the lid and slid in and then it shut behind her, wouldn’t it have caused some kind of injury? So therefore did someone put her in there and close the tank?

When we question whether or not she had marks or bruises on her skin, we should bear in mind that her body was in the water tank for 3 weeks (not something I like to think about too much). Stuff happens to a body when it’s immersed in water that long. Stuff that may hide clues as to what happened to her.

I have my doubts that foul play was a factor, and lean more towards the idea that she had a psychotic break. There would have been some evidence that she had been murdered. Unless, she was lured to the roof and into the water tank. I just don’t know though. To be honest this case really messes with my head.

I made this handy map all about Elisa and what happened at the Hotel Cecil in 2013, because I find it easier to get my head around that way. I hope you find it informative, and if you don’t, I hope you at least think it’s kind of cool to look at.

Credit to the following for helping my research:

Generation Why podcast

My Favourite Murder podcast

Wikipedia (always)

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