Christy Mirack - Case Update

A big update on a case which has become very close to my heart over the past 6 months. Read my original full post here.

Today Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe pleaded guilty to the murder and rape of Christy Mirack in December 1992.

This plea deal means that the death penalty is no longer a possible outcome for Rowe. Instead he will get life in prison, plus 60 to 120 years. In court today, he apologised to Christy’s family saying to them, “I can’t imagine what you’re going through”.

There was no clear motive in the rape and murder of Christy by Rowe.

These are the words of Christy’s brother, Vince, at today’s hearing:

“I always knew this day would come. Now you will never be free for a day again. I hope your life is as painful to you as the last 26 years have been for us.”

This is a really good/informative little video which just gives some more insight into Christy’s life and the impact her tragic murder had on those who knew her.



WGAL Lancaster (this one I could only access from my phone, being in the UK)

ABC News