Skidmore, Part One - The Murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett

The first segment in the Skidmore, Missouri series.

December 16, 2004 - Bobbi Jo Stinnett was waiting for the arrival of Darlene Fischer, who had contacted her online enquiring about adopting one of her rat terrier puppies. Little did she know, the woman wasn’t Darlene Fischer at all, but Lisa Montgomery. And Lisa wasn’t interested interested in a puppy at all...

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Linda Hazzard, "The Starvation Doctor"

If you’ve never heard of a ‘starvation doctor’ before, that’s no surprise, because it’s not a real thing. Linda Hazzard, mother of the fad diet, made it up. Hazzard is the perfect example of a quack doctor, with no medical training or diploma to speak of. She did, however, obtain a medical licence issued by the state of Washington through a loophole in the system for the practice of alternative medicine. She referred to herself as a ‘fasting specialist’.

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